Thursday, June 4, 2015


I blame the recent lack of blogging on Real Life, which never seems to adequately understand the need for crafting.  BUT:

1.  The garden is almost completely in!  There are a few tomato plants that got a late start which I will still plant.  Thanks to global warming, we're getting EXTREME temperatures around here in the summer (having already reached 90 once in May, which is unheard of), so if the heat strikes tomatoes at the wrong time, they cease fruit production.  So I've been staggering my tomatoes in ago, so when we get 110+ degree temperatures this summer, some of them will hopefully keep going. 

2.  The last of the sparkly yarn I ordered back in December has finally arrived:
I'd finally given up and deleted it out of my Ravelry stash because in my experience, being on back-order for 5 months is generally a sign it's really never going to arrive.  But, it did!  And new yarn arrived in my house without me falling off my sheep!!!!

3.  I may have met my match on embroidering.  This:
while just about the loveliest design I've ever seen, took HOURS--even by machine.  The sewing machine that was "a lifetime investment" and which actually got all new circuit cards a few years ago still struggles at times, and while stitching out the metallic part--which is never easy to begin with--the machine stopped every few stitches to tell me it was out of thread.  It wasn't, of course, but I think the new cards (made after VSM bought Husqvarna, Pfaff, and Singer and ruined all 3 brands) are probably going out.  So, one freakin' design took until after 11:00 PM to finish.  ONE. So, 
what do I do in the other two panels?  My original plan was to do the same design in all 3, but that is SOOOOOOOOOO not an option any longer.  Andy didn't think it looked Christmas-y,  but I think it does, so I was thinking simpler designs of some sort in the other squares.  Maybe something with roses or trees?  When I'm ready to work with it again, that is........

4.  Impulse yarn is always a bad idea.  Last year after stepping off my sheep, I bought some self-patterning sock yarn to play with, as well as this:
which I mistakenly thought was the same yarn.  It isn't.  It's a sportweight microfiber yarn, and a doctor once told me (as he was freezing a planter's wart off the bottom of my foot using a 5-inch-long needle) to never wear synthetic socks.  I may not always follow doctors' orders, but when they're associated with large stabbing implements, I do tend to pay attention.  So, not for socks.  It is REALLY soft yarn, so I made a little scarflette with it.  A striped scarflette--with a lacy pattern, no less.  I never learn............

5.  Depending on how you look at it, I successfully mowed the yard on Monday.  Or most of it.  I made it through the front yard, but I only made it through some of the back yard before I hurt.  It has taken 4 years, but I have actually learned to stop doing things when they hurt.  Shocking, I know.  So that part was successful.

The problem part is that I've spent the last two days in bed on the heating pad to pay for it.  To be fair, the lawn is actually mowed, so I really did do it......but it might be a while before trying that little stunt again.  Tuesday even involved full medication--which did wonders for my appreciation of the striped scarflette's color scheme.  Yesterday was a bit better, so I started some new socks for myself:
finished a color-work ornament!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think it might have been started back in January, which probably averages out to about 5 stitches per day or something idiotic.  Remember that goal of finishing 3 of these this year?  Meet number 2:
which I finished this morning.  I think this is now the third one from this pattern.  The nice thing is that much of the ornament doesn't involve two colors, and the floats aren't that long.  On some projects, "catching" a float longer than 5 stitches works, but that shows up on these, so it's actually best to just skip them and stuff them very carefully.  But to not have them at all works best of all. And since I mentioned 3 as the goal,
I've cast on for the next one.  It is the 19th pattern in the book--out of 55.  Did I mention that originally I thought it would be a one-year project????????????

6.  Remember that other goal of trying a "braided" quilting project?
 Ta-da!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It's a bit smaller than I had intended, even for a table-runner, but the only other music prints I have don't work.  I was thinking of embroidering small music notes in each of those white squares, or would that be too busy?  I'm going to quilt it with stitch-in-the-ditch in gold thread, which will add some shiny but not add to the busyness.  AND, I started to order more fabric for this at least 3 times, but I held firm!!!!!!!!!!  The fact that it's an anniversary gift and needs to be finished by the 25th might have had some influence, but I have bought fabric on flimsier excuses.  I'll use the black and gold print for the binding to tie it all together--and it's the only one I have enough fabric for.  I know people love fat quarters, but full yards are SO much more versatile.  Which again might help explain the size of the fabric stash......

Now if any of these projects made even the slightest dent in the stash................