Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Blanket Is Back On Track

Thanks to Herrschners, I'm back to work on the blanket for my niece,and I think it will be done in time to send off for her birthday in the first week of March. (And STILL no box from, by the way)

My little sidekick is getting very bored with the indoor life, so we worked on a Christmas gift quiltwhich seemed to please him immensely
I'm not doing the best job on this quilt, and some of the blocks aren't even lining up, and yet it's really not bothering me much--which is surprising to say the least. Usually I'd have to redo it--especially since it's a gift--but I guess 8 weeks of kitty sitting has taken its toll on me as well.

Theo is back to kitty therapy tomorrow--and they have PROMISED to get pictures this time. He's walking on the leg almost without a limp, and it looks a little less chickeny every day!

And the moss scarf has gotten more attention than it should have, because I'm enjoying how this stitch variation is looking. And of course, you know the fastest way to make a project attractive, don't you?

Have several others that you need to finish!!!!!