Wednesday, August 1, 2012

And Now a Word From Our Sponsors..........

Bob:  We pause now in our coverage of the 2012 Ravellenic Games for a few words from our sponsors.

For the truly coordinated knitter,
knitting-themed checks.  For the knitter ready to admit how all the money is being spent anyway.  

And, to for the knitter looking for a truly unique look, it's

 crazy knitting lady peel-and-stick wall decals.  Available (for whatever reason) in sizes up to 78 by 42 inches.  For the knitter who wants to prove that a knitting obsession could definitely get worse.  

And for the times when knitting really has gotten worse, it's 
Sheep Dip Scotch Malt 8 Yr. 750ML
Sheep Dip  Scotch Malt. To help forget those small knitting mistakes, and to help you achieve REALLY spectacular ones.   

Keep it tuned here for ALL the latest on the Ravellenic games.