Wednesday, November 11, 2009


After time, mature reflection, and a white chocolate martini, I have decided that checking the size of my stash was a GOOD thing (so you guys are totally off the hook).  If I buy NO MORE YARN and knit furiously for the next 13 months, I could perhaps be below 100,000 yards of yarn in my stash by 2011.

This is exciting.

Granted, 28,000 yards of yarn would be a lot to knit in one year, but my Ravelry account doesn't reflect yarn as being "used up" until the project is actually finished.  So, if I finish up a couple more WIPS by the end of the year--and several more next year--I may knock 4,000 yards off that total pretty quickly.  So....

I am NOT buying yarn at the end of the year.  I will, however, be picking out some sort of reward/bribe for myself, though I haven't decided what exactly.  It needs to be something good--maybe something I wouldn't normally buy for myself.....

In the meantime, the kimono shawl is "zipping" along as much as lace ever "zips" and I just finished the 20th repeat and have 6 left....and not quite 3 weeks left in the month.  Even if it wasn't the designated project this month, the fact that it's going to knock about 1200 yards of laceweight off my tally makes me positively quiver with excitement!  Or is that the white chocolate martini.....?