Saturday, February 5, 2011

There Has Been Knitting!

But there has also been a lot of socializing, complete with still being sick, which explains the amount of knitting and the spectacular lack of blogging.  But I have been catching up on my craft tv show viewing, and am ready to reenter the crafting world armed with all sorts of new information!  For example...

*  When I use stabilizer for machine embroidery and it ends up unexpectedly puckering in the wash, I have added textural elements.

*  Next time I snag a thread on a silky piece of material, I am creating an heirloom "pulled thread" look

*  When I end up creating some article of clothing that I would not be caught dead wearing, I have created fun, wearable art

*  Three months from now, even long after all the winter decorations are put away but somehow everything still has glitter on it no matter HOW much I dust and vacuum, I have added bling to our living space.

I don't need to become better at crafting--I just need a better spin doctor!