Sunday, December 2, 2018

It's Done!

 The 50th birthday gift for my friend was finished yesterday!
and I couldn't be happier.  I bought a set of 8 fat quarters from Craft Warehouse to make this, then ended up not liking one of the colors because it was just too jarring, so the ginormous fabric stash came to my rescue!  Yes, I did have other purple fat quarters on hand.  I don't think I'm learning good stash lessons here. 

I was sewing the next strata together while working on the first one to be ahead on big gifts, so I got the 4 strata done and ironed and ready to cut...
and totally messed up the cutting--to the point that it can't be a spicy spiral runner.  Oh yeah--it's in the Project Timeout bin right now and I am sulking with my knitting.  Sure, I make mistakes knitting as well, but frogging fixes almost everything......Too bad life isn't like that.