Friday, January 16, 2015


I walked 4 miles this afternoon.  Doing math again--which is really not working out for me lately--I would have to walk almost 4 miles every day to walk my stash in a month.  Heavens!!!!!! 

Surprisingly, I didn't grab the first project with big needles that I could think of after THAT horrible realization.  Instead,
I dug out the Eleanor Cowl, which I started in December of 2013.  It got sidetracked quickly because I couldn't read the charts while doped on pain pills, and has been languishing in my pile of WIPs ever since.  It is going pretty quickly, so I might be under 20 WIPs soon.  Have I mentioned that I used to be a single project knitter with NO stash? 

And speaking of uncontrollable and insanely large stashes, I have been doing some sewing!  In fact,
the first stippled table runner was finished just minutes ago!  So far, I stink at stippling, and this one even had tension issues, but
it is REALLY difficult to see the stitching with all the prints, so it's a perfect project for my first attempt.  Of course,
the back looks awful, but one nice thing about getting older is that none of my friends have perfect vision now either, and unless they have their reading glasses on near this thing, it will look GREAT.  And I have not lost heart--I'm already almost done stippling the second one. 

In a desperate grab for another finished project Because I was so excited to see how the new fabric looked,
I also started 4 kimono ornaments with the peacock fabric.  I still need to add the metallic thread closure and hanger, but I'm hoping to finish them up tonight. I could be starting off this month AHEAD on projects!!!!!!!!!!!