Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ravellenics - Just Under The Wire

Bob:  With just 15 minutes to spare, Ms. Sutton has squeaked out a 9th medal in WIPs Wrestling:
Ron:  She falls short of the 10-medal goal, but what an astounding last-minute effort.  Two medals earned on the final day of the games--that's some dedication.  

Bob:  It really is, Ron.  There were some tense moments when the extra row of garter stitch Ms. Sutton added so the cast-off edge would roll to the inside instead of the outside caused some problems with the direction of the first row of the neckband, but her perseverance has paid off.  The problems did cost her the opportunity to go for that 10th medal, but three finished WIPs is still an outstanding effort.  Any word on what Ms. Sutton's next plans are?

Ron:  No official word, but if this reporter had to guess.......
 Bob:  Perhaps we'd better wait until tomorrow for the wrap-up interview...........

Ravellenics - This Just In!

 Ron:  With 3 and a half hours remaining in the games, the shrug now has one sleeve attached:
and the second is being pinned as we speak.  Will she finish it in time, and if so, can she complete a second project to reach 10 medals?

Bob:  It may be a photo finish--there's a neckband and two button bands to be done.  Additionally, Ms. Sutton's resolve could be shaken by this:
 It's the remaining yarn from a 600+ yard ball of cotton yarn.  When Ms. Sutton finishes small objects like washcloths and ornaments, she doesn't normally count the yardage as the amounts can be difficult to determine.  So, one more project could give her stash total a 600-yard jump.  As it THAT weren't enough temptation, Ms. Sutton's Ravelry page currently shows that she has 282 projects (counting WIPs) as well as 282 entries in her stash.  With one dishcloth, Ms. Sutton could put her project count ahead of her stash count for the first time EVER.  If that's not temptation for such a type-A knitter, I don't know what is.  

Ron:  So if it comes down to the wire--will Ms. Sutton go for the finished sweater, the 10th medal, a 283rd project--or just run screaming from the house under all the pressure.........?  

3 hours, 18 minutes to go.............

Ravellenics - The Countdown Is On

Bob:  Stop presses!  Or, er--stop the internet streaming!  With just under 6 hours left in the games, we have a surprising last-minute entry for Ms. Sutton in the Homestuff Hammerthrow:
This Starfish dishcloth earns Ms. Sutton her eighth event medal, with two WIPs left within striking distance.  Will she be able to pull off a 10-medal sweep?

Ron:  Anything is still possible, though with the finished embroidered towel from yesterday 
 Ms. Sutton seams to perhaps be a bit distracted by other hobbies.  Or at least by this particular towel pattern,
 as a second one is already in progress.  Now we have occasionally seen Ms. Sutton knit while her embroidery machine is going, so it is possible that we will see at least one more medal before 5:00 PM MDT.  We'll be checking in later today for any progress.