Friday, January 18, 2013


Okay, I had really believed I could finish one sewing project a day this week, so I think we can tell that either the pain pills are having a lasting effect OR it's been too long since I did much sewing.  But, now on my 5th sewing vacation day, we have:
finished pajamas!  I do need to tack down the facing just a bit, but want to let it hang for a couple hours before I do that.  BUT, they are done, I have used up 5 yards of fabric from the stash, and I am wearing these babies tonight because while we're maybe going to get a high of 17 degrees today, it's dropping to 2 degrees tonight.  I am beginning to hate winter. 

So is Theo, whose life got even worse with the finishing of the pajamas:
so I took pity on him and have the next fabric laid out for pinning,
 which has cheered the Cabin Fever Kitties immensely. 
Theo has barely been off of it since I laid it down.  Poor little guy--I didn't realize how much he was missing sewing. 

I do finally have pictures of some knitting.  This is a baby sweater I started a few weeks ago.   The back is done, the front is getting close, and the sleeves should go pretty quickly.  I love baby sweaters for their smallness.  
 It's only 2:00 PM now, so I have time to start a new sewing project but I'm not sure if I have the heart to take the microsuede away from Theo just yet.  Maybe it's time to revisit those quilted Christmas ornaments.....