Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mad Dash - 350 Yards Already

Actually, since there were size 11 needles involved AND double-stranding, it's rather sad that it took so long to finish, but in my defense, there WAS come major canning happening today.  At any rate, this: 

has now become this:
 which will look a whole lot more like a hat for a human once it has been felted, but it used up lots of odd ends of yarn.  From past experience, I know the hat takes about 350 yards of yarn, which is the good part.  The bad part is that the dark red--which is now completely gone--seems to have never been on Ravelry in the first place, so I didn't a stash decrease on Ravelry, but I did in person, so I guess that works.  And there were 5 partial skeins of black wool that are now gone, so my stash feels tidier.  I just wish it worked like that for the rest of the house...........