Friday, January 8, 2016

18 Yards......

So, the new fabric has arrived, all EIGHTEEN yards of it.  Granted, I've managed MUCH larger fabric purchases, but that's still about 25% of what I used up for all of 2015.  I think I need to sew faster.....

They're all, of course. FOR something.  These
are cottons in my college colors, and as many of my friends and family are RABID University of Idaho fans, between kimono ornaments and table runners, these will make extremely popular gifts.  Frankly, I didn't even know they existed until I ran across them on clearance on Hancock Fabric's website.  Three yards of each should allow for a couple baby or lap quilts as well.  Did I mention rabid fans here? 

Then there's this,
which will become Andy's birthday shirt this year.  Again a cotton, and he loves the color.  Another 3 yards.

Two border print fabrics,
which are great for fast projects, two clearance prints that coordinate with a set of fat quarters I already own,
a wine fabric to make a gift for our friends who make their own wine and always share with us,
and some high-quality batiks 
for, among other things, the new book Andy gave me for Christmas:
I almost started a bowl immediately, but I convinced myself to finish quilting this
which is now ready for trimming and binding, and could be finished later today.  I also have two more strata ready to cut for table runners,
 and it would easier to cut them NOW than to try to remember where I put them later.  Then I have this
pinned and ready for a little hand-quilting, I think.  I haven't done anything with fabric panels yet, but I thought a few snowflakes in maybe silver (if I can stand to work with it) or nice blues and white if I can't.  And maybe a little bling.  I actually have two of these panels, so I can try out some ideas.  We'll probably keep one for a winter decoration and add the second to the gift bin.  Technically, this is Andy's year for Christmas gifts, but there are ALWAYS birthdays and weddings and special anniversaries, so I try to stay ahead.

And, now that Christmas is over and I'm trying for Me Made Mondays, 

it's time to get back to the partially-finished jacket.  I'm still not overly pleased with how the top-stitching looks on the pockets, but since it's because of the wales of the corduroy rather than stitching crooked, I'm not sure it really can be fixed.  The rest is great, so I'm going to go ahead and finish it so I can wear the blasted thing and assume that I'm the only one who will even notice.  This is an ongoing joke in our house.  Andy can see flaws in his woodworking that I can't even find, and I can drive myself crazy with flaws I can see in my sewing that no one else can even find.  So I will hope it's one of those--or maybe it will be less obvious after washing.  If nothing else, just about everyone I know is in the progressive lenses/bifocals/reading glasses era, so that HAS to lower the chances anyone will see the wonkiness, right?  Says the woman who just justified 18 yards of new fabric.............