Saturday, September 19, 2009


They're killing me!

A week ago, the new Webs yarn catalog arrived. I stood firm! I marched it directly to the recycling bin.

Yesterday, the new Knit Picks yarn catalog arrived. I set it aside. I picked it up. I put it down. I sighed, picked it up again, and took it out to the recycling bin.

Today, the new Patternworks yarn catalog arrived. WAAAAAHHHHHH! They have tweed yarns ON THE COVER! It's fall--it's wool! It's tweedy wool!!! It would be best to put it in the recycling bin....especially since Andy is gone for the weekend and I am home alone with a yarn sale catalog and my credit cards......and is that free shipping I see.......???????

I'm weak!

Maybe if I take it up to the sewing room and look through's easier to resist new yarn when surrounded by boxes and tubs of existing yarn. I'll just keep it out of the room with the credit cards......