Monday, July 21, 2008

Finish-itis--My List

I keep trying to count my remaining WIPs, and keep coming up with a different number. After the Finish-itis contest, we will be embarking on a "learn to count" campaign. So, let's see if I can list them:

1. Magikal Earth Shawl (photo to come when the camera battery is recharged) - more than halfway through the mind-numbing edging (what is it with edging?????)

2. Plum baby aran: front in progress:3. Poodle mohair: body done to sleeeve join, one sleeve in progress4. Blue toddler sweater - back not quite done. Nothing else finished

5. dem fischer sin fru - still not quite halfway through the first clue. Out of 6.6. Fleur - just missing the edging and the right front7. Toddler sweater: needs seams, edging, and one piece knit

8. sleeveless sweater - back mostly done
9. Alpaca cardigan: back, one side, and most of the second side done
10. Glitterspun sweater - back finished, front half finished11. Pi chemo cap - no picture yet.

12. Fir cone shawl - 40% done--can't buy more yarn to finish it until the spending ban is over
13. Hibiscus for hope; hard to say how far along it is--depends how many times I need to rip back the test knit again

14. Sitcom chic - both sleeves now done, main body almost ready for join15. poncho - 60% finished16. Multicolor baby wrap sweater - just needs ribbing - have a picture, but can't locate it.

17. MS3 - 30 rows left to go. Thank God.18. Toddler sweater - Have a picture, but can't find it. Just the back done. Sized for a two-year-old and being knit for a child who is now over one year old. Oops--better get to working on this one...

19. Gridlock - two inches of sweater knitted on a sweater intended for a 6-foot-tall man. So, let's just say 2% done or less--I don't want to think too hard on what is left on this one.
20. Kimono shawl - about 12 inches done--probably 60 more to go
21. Sweater with ribbed yoke: one sleeve and some seams left to go.
Not forgetting the 3 I just finished. 24, maybe I didn't need a contest....maybe I needed an intervention.....

24 WIPs--I think I need to lay down for a moment......

Good heavens--no wonder I don't have any needles. They're all in use!!!