Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Knitter Down!

The Ravellenics (and some unnamed sporting event) begin in 3 days, the bronchitis is finally letting up, and yesterday I burned my hands.  I was making pasta for lunch, and I didn't realize the plastic handles on my stockpot would be hot, so when I picked up the pot to drain the pasta, I got mild burns on my fingers and inside of my hands.  Because it was hot, I dropped the pot as fast as I could and the water splashed out and burned the backs of my hands.  Luckily, they are all mild, mild burns and this morning my skin isn't even red, but they do hurt and there will certainly not be any knitting today.  I'm not actually sure what I'll be doing today, but I have a bag pinned at the sides that I'm hoping I can run through the serger at least.  After that.....we'll see.

Dang it........