Sunday, February 21, 2016

Not Quite

I was having such fun there with a new finished project every day, and I did really make an effort yesterday, getting all the wedges cut
and sewn together,
but my hip was really bothering me by that point, so it didn't happen.  Maybe today, though.

As INSANE as 200 yards a year sounds, even what I've done so far has made a big difference in my mental stash.  I think I've mentioned before that I started keeping a journal
 with all the projects that I have the materials for, and without including most of my yarn and knitting queue,
I've filled almost 21 pages since I started it.  Now the FUN part is that there is now at least one finished project on every page. Obviously, since I'm finding fabrics I don't even remember, it isn't a complete list by any stretch of the imagination, but I love seeing the progress.  I check off things as I finish them and add the date.  I'm thinking there will be an extra-large chocolate martini when the first entire page is checked off.  :)

Speaking of finishing projects, this
is a sweater I started for Andy in 2011.  It was meant to be a surprise, and I took it to physical therapy with me to work on it in secret.  In the interests of it EVER getting done, I finally started working on it in front of Andy.  The surprise of a half-finished sweater might not be as great as that of a finished sweater, but it's light-years better than never getting the surprise at all, right?  It's an Elizabeth Zimmerman January Aran, and if I wrote down notes on what I was doing, I have lost them long ago.  I'm doing the pullover with mock turtleneck, and I'm guessing I might want to do the sleeves and steeks for the sleeves before doing the shoulder seams or finishing the neck, so I'm ready to cast on for sleeves.  Maybe this will be his birthday gift for this year?  I'm using Lion Brand's Wool-Ease, which is not the most durable yarn, but it's soft and not TOO warm, so I think Andy will find it easy to wear, and the yarn has both been in the stash a long time, and takes up quite a bit of space, so finishing this will clear up some space in the sewing room closet--though maybe not very noticeable  space: