Thursday, October 27, 2016

They Can Come Home!!!

You know, after the horrible experiences with Holland's Sew Shoppe, even though I know Larry at Twin Falls Sewing is completely and utterly marvelous, part of me was STILL stunned when no one tried to argue with me that nothing was really wrong with my machine, no one tried to sell me the wrong part, repairs were actually DONE, no one broke anything new, and it hasn't taken 3 months.  They said about a week, and sure enough, Larry had both machines fixed and ready to go today--and I know he's actually tested them to make sure everything really is fixed.  I just can't get used to this.  Andy is going to drive down and pick them up for me this weekend!!!  So I don't have to shop for a new machine just yet, which is good as finding a new job might take a while.  

I had a physical therapy appointment today which really hurt, so there was a lot of hot pad time today (while sending out applications), but there was some progress on this:
I am SO proud of myself--I took the time to really square up and measure each little block, which--ahem--I might not normally do.  I know--it's shocking how much better things work when one takes the time to do them correctly, but it didn't even occur to me when I started quilting that my blocks could get all wonky.  As it turns out, it would have saved me a lot of time if I had realized that "wonky" is pretty much the theme for all my quilt blocks.  And my quilts, in all fairness.  It might be a good description for the state of my sewing room as well, come to think of it............

Ugh!  WEBS has been sending me daily emails about their offer for free shipping right now, and it's FALL!!!!!!!!  It's the hardest time to resist new yarn!  Arrrggghhh!  Of course, I haven't done anything really drastic yet like order new yarn or unsubscribe from their emails, but it is so hard!  Fabric is getting even harder, because I'm getting close to the longest I've ever gone on the fabric wagon.  I like these two brown fabrics together so well that I actually went online tonight to see if I could find more of the lighter fabric in order to get enough for a quilt or larger project....and I found it.  When does THAT ever happen? I haven't ordered it yet, because in 61 days I will have made it one whole year without buying fabric.  So far my fabric usage for the year hasn't really made a visible dent in that sewing room, but maybe that last 28 yards will make the difference....right?