Monday, August 4, 2008

A Few Questions Answered

Since Blogger isn't working tonight, there will be no pictures of knitting, so I thought I'd answer a few questions:

* MS3 was indeed a KAL--over 6000 knitters made the same pattern last summer, or at least started the same pattern--I know mine is not the only one that has been languishing for a few months. The asymmetrical shape was only revealed about halfway through the KAL. It was actually a very controversial KAL, as there was a symmetrical version, but that involved the "fast lane" knitters having to rip back 60+ rows of knitting and lots of grafting. Knitters are generally a pretty easy-going bunch, but things can get a bit heated when ripping back 60 rows of lace knitting is at stake.

* The baby sweater will go in the "my friends are reproducing in droves" bin to wait for the next arrival. I had been able to keep up in general, but then there were a couple sets of twins that totally did me in.

* Listening to the entire Harry Potter series on audio tape is good bribery when working through a WIP mountain. So far I'm averaging one Finished Object per book. Thank heavens book 7 is one of the longer ones. I'm thinking maybe Jane Austen will be next?

* I have dozens and dozens and dozens of buttons in the sewing room, and not a single one fits Sitcom Chic, which is usually the way these things work. Why do I even try to stash buttons???

* When I finally break down and cast on something new, it's going to involve REALLY big needles and no laceweight!