Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yarn Therapy

I'm glad I'm finally learning to work the serger, but it's still very foreign and hard to do--and I may never recover from the "blind hem episode"--so I felt like spending a day with yarn.  It's friendlier, never cuts or grabs anything, and never requires such a thing as a blind hem.  But I needed a break from the lace shawl, so
Some friends gave me a dye kit and this yarn back in March, but I've been a bit nervous to try it because I was afraid of messing up the yarn somehow, but since I still can't do any sewing I decided to give it a shot yesterday. 

Since the yarn is gift yarn, I wanted to make something for myself with it, and decided that I wanted a pair of yellow socks and a pair of red socks.  I started with the yellow, thinking it might be easiest to fix if I messed it up, but this was actually pretty simple. 
The instructions say to simmer on the stove for 30 minutes or until the water is clear, which for me took a bit longer, but it did indeed work!

And I love the color.  These will be very happy socks.

Emboldened by my success, I moved on to the red
which needed a bit of extra dye as I was mostly producing variegated yarn rather than a solid color.  I guess in the yarn world, I can call it "kettle dyed" and sell it at a premium, but I was sort of aiming for a mostly-solid color. 
which it actually isn't, but it's closer than it was.  The REALLY unfortunate part is that in order to get rid of the white spots, I had to remove the string holding the hand in place, so this is currently a great big red snarl, but at least it's a great big red snarl without any white spots.  That's something, I suppose.

By this time, I was REALLY having fun, so I dug out some yarn I have been saving for a shawl
and the bottle of teal dye that I bought with it. 

5 skeins are a bit harder to work with than 1,
 but I was trying to get them all in the same "dye lot" as it were, so I kept moving yarns back and forth between the pots.  I added a bit of extra dye and lots more time, and the results are definitely "kettle dyed" rather than a solid color, but
I'm still quite pleased with them. So pleased, in fact, that once I get my "to-do" list done today, there will be some yellow socks being started.........

Pi shawl?  What Pi shawl?????????