Monday, June 15, 2015


I have used some fabric!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shocking, I know--a post AND something actually finished!  I'm making this:
for a potential Renaissance fair coming up, and since I knew I had 20+ yards of white fabric, it seemed a good pick.  A really good pick, since I think it will be too hot for anything except cotton.  The dress is done, and the vest
is progressing!  The pattern suggested cotton as a potential lining, so I'm using the stash of white cotton for that as well.  Let's say I'm doing it because I thought it might be cooler and NOT because it means that I don't have to locate anything else in the great fabric abyss sewing room.  I'm now ready to sew the vest lining to the vest, so more than half finished.  Then we'll be learning how to attach eyelets.  I'm not sure what to think of a new technique that comes with its own pliers, but I have many scraps and will be doing several practice runs first. Not exactly clearing up shelf space with this project either, but maybe if I make a few MORE clothing items, the sewing room might start to be a bit less overwhelming.

Of course, these
will make all the difference.  A new pair of wool socks for me finished today--just in time for a projected 92 degrees tomorrow.  Whew--just in time!  :)  Seriously, this is so hot so early, it will be interesting to see if the garden survives--or puts on any fruit.  It would be so sad to have two summers without many tomatoes, though it would leave more crafting time in September...........