Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Little Visit From Reality

After deciding to do The Year of The Stash, I allowed myself one last purchase from Knitpicks in December of 2007:

Today is May 22 and I have not yet used up the number of skeins I bought in just one order. I'm not even that close.

Yardage-wise I might be a little bit better (though there was some lace-weight in there, so that might be even worse), but it is going to take me at least a total of 6 months of knitting to use up the yarn I added to the stash "just in case." Granted, it was a much larger order than I normally would place (sale + not getting any new yarn for an entire year), but under normal circumstances, I would have purchased a similar amount in smaller orders by now--AND have not knit any faster than I currently am.

Anyone ever tried knitting from stash for 2 years????????????????????????????????