Sunday, March 31, 2019

So Far

I'm going into the third week at the new job, and so far it's a bit mixed.  I think I'll like the actual job, but it comes with some baggage:  almost daily emails to the sales department emphasizing selling more, which are ridiculous and never work; team members blasting basketball on the television the instant management isn't there; and on my second day of training, the managers all went out of town for meetings so most of my training got blown off by people who didn't even show up to work.  But I've always been good at marketing and advertising, so I think the actual job is a good fit, but we'll see. 

Last weekend we had company, and in case you were considering it, don't have company during your first couple weeks of a new job.  It's too exhausting.  So I was REALLY excited to have the house to ourselves this weekend. 

Yesterday I attended the new owner classes for my machine.  The machine weighs 35 pounds, and the suitcase isn't exactly light, so I took both part 1 and part 2 on the same day so I didn't have to move that machine more than once.  It will be several months before I can get a Saturday class for embroidery, but at least I figured it out on my own.  The class was fun and I did learn quite a bit, and found lots of new things to explore, AND I didn't buy anything new. I know they're a small business, and I do mean to be a loyal customer, but I did just buy the larger table AND the fabric panels AND some accent fabrics, so I do think I'm doing my part to keep them going.  And to keep my sewing room really, really cluttered..........