Monday, August 18, 2008

A Little Distraction

The good news is, I didn't cast on anything new. The bad news is, I didn't work on my Ravelympics entries. The back of a toddler sweater was really close to using up a ball of yarn (I am so pathetic sometimes), so I worked on it until I finished ball 78 for the year
then promptly abandoned it for Fir Cone,
which also finished up a skein of yarn--bringing me to 79 balls and 12,662 yards used from the stash for the year. I would LOVE to keep going on Fir Cone--it's a scratchy wool & really hot and just the sort of thing I am generally dumb enough to fall in love with in August--but that ball of yarn was the last one I had, so until the new yarn arrives, it is on hold. The good news is that the 90-day spending ban is finally over, and I have already ordered the yarn. I decided for purposes of the Year of the Stash project, if I started a project in good faith and subsequently ran out of yarn, I could buy the yarn needed to finish the project provided I kept working on it. Because you know that by the 8th month I would have been converting cardigans into robes and socks into longies just to be able to buy yarn if there was a loophole. The loophole is, therefore, closed but the yarn has shipped and will be here soon!!!!!

Now to just convince myself to work on that poncho until it arrives.......