Saturday, May 21, 2016

10 Yards!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andy is away this weekend, so I had my first Finishing Friday to myself since I don't know when, and the first real "alone" time since I went back to work.  And I made the most of it.  I finished the felted hat,
for 400 yards--which is a BIG boost for my knitting totals this year.  Then I dug out this:
 Which is over 5 yards of terry cloth someone once gave me when she decided she was never going to get around to using it.  I'm passing it along to a friend who has a new grandbaby and a new sewing/embroidery machine.  With such limited time now that I'm back to work, I had to admit that I wasn't going to ever use it either.  But I am certainly counting it as yards of fabric used or out of stash for the year, so that was an exciting boost--especially as it frees up a very noticeable chunk of space in my sewing room closet.  VISIBLE PROGRESS!  And I haven't bought anything new to fill it!. 

After a bit of rest, I buckled down and finished the butterfly jacket
for another 3 yards and something new to wear on Monday, and while I was doing all of this, I made 3 more ornaments,
 this one being my favorite:
There are a few in this set designed for multiple colors, and I just hadn't tried them because in addition to the extra steps for the applique, every color change requires changing the thread AND the bobbin, so these take a really long time and many steps to make.  Definitely not for a quick project, but I do love how they look. 

I rested some more, then finished up
a table runner!  Because of the great color patterning just in the design, I stuck with a bit of stitch-in-the-ditch quilting, got the binding attached, and finally got a kitty-free picture this morning:
That gives me 32 finished projects for the year--not counting any ornaments--and 58.275 yards of fabric used up for the year.  I have Sunday to myself as well, so maybe I can get something simple cut out and started.  I have the 9 table runners for my in-progress quilting project, but after working with chiffon, I'd like a nice easy cotton or something as a sewing project.  Maybe another summer dress?   Or finally cut out that jacket?