Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Now Which Cast Did We Leave Off On?

To bring everyone up to speed on Kitty Convalescence, here's a short recap:

* Original blue cast with the festive turkey - lasted 2 whole weeks* Festive red holiday cast - On on Monday, off on Wednesday
* Lime green splint - stayed on, but Theo ate much of it. Vet wanted more protection for the joint--and from Theo. Removed on Monday* Festive red holiday cast - put back on Theo on Monday. Off by 6:00 AM on Wednesday* New not-really-keeping with the holidays purple cast: 8 hours and counting.
Theo actually spent the day at the vet clinic--which was a huge relief to us. Not that he was feeling bad, but his Feline Houdini tricks have made him a bit of a group project for the folks at West Vet, and they wanted to see if they had outsmarted him yet. We were just thrilled with a few hours of kitty daycare.

I took full advantage of the kittyless hours to mail packages, run to the library, do the grocery shopping, do a few miscellaneous errands, and
They aren't done, but they're a whole lot closer.

I had given myself permission to cast on a new project to have something to knit in the vet clinic--where I'm spending a lot of time these days--but didn't have anything on the needles for the 5:30 AM run with the castless Theo. Tonight when I picked him up, though, I was prepared:
It's a lace scarf with Knitpick's Gossamer in "sunrise" and I'm just sort of improvising the pattern. I even used circular needles to make it easier to carry in my purse. I was ready! I was prepared! I went and left the darn thing out in the car!

Severe sleep deprivation does nothing at all for my knitting.....