Monday, October 17, 2011

I Think My "Get Up And Go" Got Up And Went

I have done pretty much nothing today.  No canning, no gardening, no cleaning, very little knitting, and aside from having finished reading my book for book club next week, my sole accomplishment for the day was to pay bills.  I don't know what happened to me. 

Luckily, yesterday I did get some kitty-free sewing in, so the stockings for Andy and I are progressing,
and I finished what started out to be ornaments but I think will be hung as stockings for Theo and Calisto:
In the teensy, tiny amount of knitting I've done today, I started the heel of the Christmas stocking:
 Since it isn't a sock anyone will ever actually wear, I can knit the stocking flat and just sew up the back side and bottom, so the heel isn't overly tricky.  I'm not working from a pattern, and when I'm making things up, I find it best to be sort of simple if I want to create a second one that will come close to matching.  I think I'll start a holly berry repeat as soon as I pick the white back up, so from the top it will look exactly like the first repeat.  Then....we'll have to see how it looks. 

I just love it when I plan ahead, don't you?