Monday, December 20, 2010

So Is It Just Me.....

....or has anyone else noticed that I'm finishing projects much faster now that I've already reached my goal for the year?  Did it seriously take me 11 months to figure out that small projects  worked better??????  I have finished FOURTEEN projects so far this month, and there are still 11 days to go.  Sort of makes you wonder what I could finish in one year if I had the sense to stay away from quilts, doesn't it?

Speaking of which, I have a new goal for 2011--for which I am not the one responsible.  That instigator of this little endeavor is Qutecowgirl, and of course I am even more attracted to craziness that is not of my own doing.  The goal for 2011?

Finish 111 projects by the end of the year

Thankfully, they do not all have to be knitting....which would probably have left me a broken woman weeping in the corner clutching two dpns and a fistful of superwash merino.  Nope, it can be any craft (though please may I have the sense to stay away from quilting).

9.25 finished projects every month.  Who's in?