Saturday, August 1, 2015

Just Under The Wire

So obviously the shirt wasn't done in time for Andy's birthday, but it was at least finished before July ended:
except that I managed to miscount buttonholes and needed NINE instead of eight.  I'm running to the fabric store in a few minutes to get the extra button.  I just bought them a few weeks ago, so I'm sure they'll still be in stock.  Or pretty sure.  Or hopeful.  Maybe praying, really.

Aside from minus one button, I am SO pleased with how this shirt turned out.  Besides how great the fabric looks and that the shirt looks nice on Andy, I am positively thrilled to have used up some of my oldest fabric.  I was so excited that I dug out more old fabric to make another jacket, but decided a break from collars might be in order,
so this morning I am cutting out placemats for my mother-in-law for Christmas.  When we were down there, she said she would love oval placemats, because she has this lovely old table and a large group of friends, and square placemats don't work very well.  I found this fabric when we got back and checked to make sure she liked it while they were here visiting, and I'm really excited about these.  I'm going to do a quilting pattern with a little leaf motif and large swirls--maybe in different colors.  I'm keeping the scraps to test some ideas.  I'm thinking a set of 10-12, so I got 5 yards of fabric.  I maybe should have gotten more and made matching napkins, but that particular shopping trip might have involved a few other fabrics (none of which have been used yet), so I was trying to show a bit of restraint.....Or what qualifies for it in MY life, at any rate.........