Thursday, January 1, 2009

There Was A Yarn Shopping "Incident....."

So, I had a clear plan of attack--I needed yarn for a sweater for Andy, a shawl for my mother, a blanket for my niece, and one project for me as a reward for all the kitty convalescence. Still, it was going to add up to only 21 new skeins of yarn (4 being really big skeins, but that's another matter) which would still mean I had LESS stash.

For myself, I finally opted for the Kauni cardigan and tracked the yarn down at WEBS. The yarn is on backorder, but that is fine by me. Just knowing that yarn will be on its way to me someday is enough.

For Andy, he had picked out Elann's Highland Donegal Tweed in "licorice" and it has been in my online cart for weeks! Months! This morning I was doing a bit of casual browsing before hitting enter, and someone else bought my yarn!!! Sure, there's 50+ balls available of every other color on the planet, but only 8 of licorice, and I need 13. ARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!

Still dazed from that epsiode, I wandered over to Knitpicks to get some cream laceweght as they have the 880 yard skeins that mean fewer splices, and in my weakened state I was sideswiped by this. Their "shimmer" laceweight in the Stained Glass colorway is on clearance!! Which means it's being discontinued!!!


When I convinced myself to use if for my first pi shawl, the only way I could convince myself to use it was that I knew I could buy more in the future!
Now it's going away, and I love this colorway. Love, love, love, love, LOVE it! I know variegated yarns generally make lousy lace projects, and I in fact find the pi shawl rather in this colorway rather weird, it doesn't matter. I can't not have this yarn in the stash!!!!!

There was a little incident involving the online cart and the credit card, and for anyone who wants some of this yarn but doesn't get there before it's sold out, well....there are other yarns in the world. I'm sure you'll find something you'll be equally happy with. Me? Well, that's another matter entirely........