Sunday, May 18, 2008

Heat & Wool Don't Mix

It's May and this weekend it was over 90 degrees!!! I had not even turned the heat off yet. I guess we're skipping spring this year & going straight to nasty-hot.

So, even the most devoted/obsessed knitter can't be too excited about wool in times like these, so today I finished this:

It's actually a red & white patterned cotton--not pinky-orange as it looks in the picture. Chalk up another 3 3/8 yards used up from the fabric stash--which even I have the sense to not tally up. Let's just say that I'm not going to run out of fabric anytime during the "aught" decade...

Speaking of stash, if you follow my main blog you are aware that I ordered 3 balls of yarn yesterday. :( I had always told myself that the only yarn I would be allowed to buy this year was IF and only IF it was to finish a project that I had started in good faith (no starting a shawl with 200 yards of sock yarn or something like that), but it's still depressing. I have decided that the new yarn doesn't get to count in the stash depletion tally--having not been there at the beginning of the year--but there was no denying that I, like so many other knitters before me, am going to run out of yarn on the Lady's Circular Cape from VLT. The yarn is being discontinued, so I ordered 3 balls just to be safe. Some knitters have actually needed even MORE than an additional 680 yards, and if I still run out I will be extremely upset. I have already come to the conclusion that I won't be buying anything from this designer again--there are too many designers who double check their work to bother with someone who doesn't.

So, not a great stash week, but not too bad.

PS. My little waitress friend was even more excited about the Fruit Loop socks, so I will get to keep my Fling scarf after all. YAY!!!