Friday, June 28, 2013

And We're Off!

It's Finishing Friday, and aside from a trip to the gym for an hour of pool walking, I am crafting!  It's supposed to hit 100 degrees here today (THEN work its way up to 105 by Wednesday before this insanity is over), so I can guarantee that I won't be gardening. 

Wednesday night I thought I would get a head-start on today, so I loaded up my embroidery card for some new ornaments:
(well, the lace snowflakes aren't exactly "new," but at least I haven't done them in a while).  What I really wanted to try--and what I haven't yet found the courage for--is this:
It's one of the designs Andy gave me for Christmas.  It's a flat free-standing lace ornament, but those big open spaces are for appliqué, which I have never done.  The picture shows the lace in white with red fabric for the top and green for the bottom, which looked very cool.  The problem is, the directions assume one isn't a complete novice and doesn't mention what fabric works best.  I found red and gold crepe-back satin (and HAVE several other colors of it as well, but as I didn't think to sort fabrics while I moved them back in to the sewing room, I have no idea where they are).  If I have to work with satin, I prefer crepe-backed, because at least one side of it isn't slippery, but both sides of the ornament will be visible, so I was thinking maybe I should try two layers of regular satin back-to-back so it looks nice on both sides, or even just one, because the back of regular satin isn't quite as obviously the back.  I know that all I really have to lose by trying this is a little time, some thread, scrap fabric, and stabilizer, but it got the best of me Wednesday.  But TODAY I am ready for it!  Though I may start out with one of those snowflakes all the same...................