Friday, July 25, 2014

Thanks Everyone!

Thanks everyone for your kind words.  I am really pleased with the table runner, and there are no puckers on the back!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Inspired by this amazing FIRST in my quilting, I have started the next one:
I didn't notice until uploading the picture that the right side was folded over, but the actual table runner has all the stripes in the same order.  I think I prefer the first version better, but as I already have enough strip blocks done for two table runners like this, I'll stick with this version for two and the next one will go back to the alternating yellow pattern.  I just love the colors, and one of the best ways to learn crafting for me is to make the same project over and over and get a little bit better each time.  While I got the first one quilted without puckers, I still had trouble with the binding, so I'm hoping that these will help me with that. Now if I could just get all of them done by the 31st........................:)