Thursday, February 27, 2014

There Is Going To Be A THREE Year Badge

Ever since one of the brilliant members of the Stashdown group designed the Cold Sheeping badges for us, I have been obsessed with them.  First it was getting the gold one-year badge.  Then the bright 15, 18, and 21 month badges were introduced, and I was a lost woman.  Then she introduced the PINK 2-year badge, and I have thought of little since.  And now she's said that there will be a THREE year badge.......

The badges are like Alcoholics Anonymous--they are for consecutive days with NO yarn purchases at all.  Pre-badge, I always allowed myself to buy yarn to finish a project if I needed to, and I had done various "reward yarn" experiments, which were always pretty much a disaster.  I'd like to think that my stash has shrunk a great deal in the last 6.5 years, and I think it has, but I never had a full tally of ALL my yarn to begin with, and the "I'm-feeling-sorry-for-myself-over-the-back" binge was a WHOPPER, but now that the stash is all contained within the sewing room, I think it must have shrunk.  Now with the badges it is REALLY shrinking, though having knit up only 6600 yards last year, it's shrinking slowly.  But if I held on and went for the three year badge, I could do some serious stash-reduction--if I can do it.

Of course, I have enough yarn to do it.  And I'm a lot less tempted to buy yarn on stressful days than I used to be.  But I won't hit the 2-year mark until November 1, so I'm still a long way from that 2-year badge.  I've been sorting through my stash on Ravelry and assigning patterns to yarn, and aside from WIPs, I have 94 projects lined up for existing yarn.  Actually, there are even MORE than that because some of the yarns are lined up for more than one project, so if I focused on getting through that list, I could do it.  The problem is, I've gotten a bit weird about not wanting to use up certain yarns.  It's not that I want to keep the yarn exactly, but I do have trouble committing the yarn to a specific project.  Some of it has been with me for a very long time, after all. We have history together, and may some day want to laugh over it with a cup of tea and a shot of Woolite.  The idea that there is not going to be more yarn coming into the house for some time has made it almost impossible to commit some of my yarns to patterns, which probably sounds insane, but since we're talking about a 10-year supply of yarn anyway, I think we've crossed that bridge a long time ago...............So yesterday I went digging through my stash (the part I can reach without having to lift anything heavy) to see if I could find stash that I moved into this house 7.5 years ago to use for my March Madness Sweater

One contender is:
this is a cotton worsted from Elann, and it's one of those that shrinks when you wash it and grows really, really soft like an old pair of jeans.  This cone is probably 1760 yards or so, and the pattern that came with it was for a cardigan.  But since it was going to be soft and comfy, I wanted a pullover for it, and in the pre-Ravelry days, it wasn't so easy to figure out either the yardage or what to do with it.  I'm considering using this for Braveheart.  I actually have 3 more cones in purple somewhere, though I'm resisting the urge to go looking for them just yet because half of that yarn is reserved for Mystic by Alice Starmore, and I'd like to actually FINISH this year's March Madness sweater in March, and even I have enough sense to not attempt to try to knit anything by Alice Starmore in less than a year.

Another contender is:
turquoise mohair (what is it with mohair lately?) that I'd purchased to make a sweater from one of my very first pattern books, only to discover that it was the wrong weight (again, pre-Ravelry, so I couldn't look up the gauge of the initial yarn.  I think this might even predate the yarn standards everyone uses now).  The pattern I'm considering for it is Millet, but I do hesitate just a bit to commit to knitting mohair solidly for one month--even in stockinette.

Also a possibility, is a cardigan made from the leftover yarn from this:
cardigan, which is one of my FAVORITES, and while the yarn was technically bought a month AFTER we moved into this house, it's still pretty old AND I have enough of this particular yarn to make 5 sweaters in 4 different colors after having made 4 sweaters with it already, so high marks for using up some of it.  It's an alpaca blend, and while lots of people on Ravelry complain about it, I love this yarn.  So they've discontinued it. Sigh.......

Another idea was to finally use up the last of my "what-if-I-run-out-of-yarn" purchase in December of 2007 right before attempting my first year of Cold Sheeping. If I remember right, there were 75 balls of yarn, and this
is what has not been used yet.  It's Knit Picks Shine Sport, and I've already made a sweater from the Shine Worsted in pink that was also in this purchase, and the pink pills and sheds and looked ratty after the first time I wore it.  I thought about selling this off, but I do wear the ugly pink sweater whenever I don't want to chance ruining a better sweater, and it is really soft, so I've kept it for making an around-the-house only sweater. 

And the final contender,
Lion Brand Wool-Ease that's been around a while (though not longer than 7 years) and would free up the most space AND would make a lovely cardigan on size 7-9 needles.

Barbara also posted some lovely suggestions on the March Madness website, and aside from Medeival, which would do simply ghastly things to my hips, I've now added all of them to my Raverly queue as well.  :)

Decisions, decisions, decisions........................