Friday, March 29, 2013

Finishing Friday

For those of you who enjoy doing math, it might have occurred to you that for me to stay on track to finish 365 ornaments this year, I should be at 90 ornaments by the end of March.  Ahem.........

Which explains why this morning was spent working with felt:
A second ballet slipper ornament set, though this time I forgot to add the stuffing
or, more accurately, I was feeling too certain of my memory and didn't check the pattern.  Some things overlap in the knitting and sewing worlds.....

I spent a few minutes looking through my Christmas books to see if I had a template for a Christmas tree ornament, but not finding one I decided I could probably make one without too much difficulty, so,
I have designed an ornament!  The idea behind this year was to force myself to try all the ideas I have running around in my head but which I haven't ever had the nerve to try because they might not work.  I was counting on the desperation factor pushing me over that hurdle, and it seems to be working nicely..........

And, while I was figuring out my little tree,
Jeeves pumped out another lace ornament for me, which brings me to 63 ornaments.  Not great, but it was a great start to the day.  Unfortunately, it was almost 70 degrees outside today, and this is where the sewing room lost me to the backyard.  You know you've been through a long rehabilitation with a back injury when pulling weeds is exciting, but it has been a very, very VERY long year.  Tomorrow morning, though, I'm heading back into that sewing room.  I don't think I'll come close to 90, but closer would be good..........After all, "closer" counts in horseshoes, hand grenades, and dieting, so why not crafting?