Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Good News and the Bad News

The GOOD news is, there was crafting on Finishing Friday.  The BAD news is, I broke my own rule.  Remember how I said that Finishing Fridays were for working on projects that had been in existence for at least a month?  Well............
 my sidekick and I decided to start a new project Thursday night.  And not just ANY project.  A nice time-consuming and totally inappropriate for this year sort of project:
A quilt!  And just in case you're thinking, "Well, that might be okay after her recent quilting success," this is the first block:
Notice anything  unusual?  Yep--first block, first mistake.  I think that's a record even for me.  

I did ultimately get it straightened out, and finally managed to get 4 blocks to come out correctly, which will look something like this:
though not likely in the near future....

I did eventually decide that it would be a good idea to at least attempt the second elephant pillow case
which turned out much better, but not perfect

So, I think it was both a problem with the machine & just not a very good design.  Still, the pillowcases are done and I'm going to call it "good enough."  And finished project 29. 

31 left to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!