Sunday, September 21, 2014

Finishing Friday and Sewing Sunday

I had an actual Finishing Friday this week!  I crafted almost all day and
finished something!!!!!  They still need to be washed to get rid of the stabilizer, but the stockings are DONE!  Considering that the cuff is made of a stretchy velour I bought last year, I'm very proud that I was able to finish them in spite of the craziness of a stretchy, rolling plush fabric.  I am thinking about using the velour for the edging on the matching tree skirt as well, but I've set that aside for a bit to give myself a chance to recover from this part.

That took most of the day, but I did get fabric prepped to start playing with this
 The background fabric is deep stash and I think is from my old house, so 8 years.  I saw a ribbon table runner on Pinterest for Halloween, and that gave me the idea for a fall ribbon runner.  The original pinner didn't have batting or a backing and just stuck ribbon down with fusible webbing, but I've never had good luck with that stuff surviving the wash, so I wanted to do it a bit differently.  Ribbon is heavy, so it was either use a heavier fabric as the background or use batting or interfacing.  I played around with ribbon layouts, but got distracted last night by the arrival of this:
My new ruffler!!!!!!!!!  Really, have you ever seen a more terrifying piece of sewing equipment?  Thank heavens it came with instructions.  Not great instructions, but after some time with poor instructions and quite a bit of test fabric, I was ready to roll!  Or, ruffle..........

 Having Husqvarna and Bernina machines, my options for a ruffler were to get the brand-name machine-specific feet for $100+, or find a decent one that will work with the Bernina adapter.  It's one of the best things about the Bernina.  Husqvarna specifically doesn't work with anyone else's feet, or I should say, hardly anyone else's feet as the binding foot does work.  As fast as they now want people to upgrade machines, Husqvarna feet are very pricey and very risky because not all Husqvarnas use the same feet and accessories.  Mine take a style "6" or "7" (I always have to look up which), which means that there are styles 1-5 (at least) that flat out won't work on my machine.  Bernina has expensive feet too, but they are broken down into "old" style (which includes my machine) and "new" style, which includes the computerized machines.  That made it a bit easier anyway, but then they made an adapter, which allows me to use most low-shank feet on the Bernina.  THAT has been wonderful, and just saved me around $75.  

At first I was a bit dismayed to find that the ruffler had a guide on the right which didn't give me enough space to go down the center of a 3-inch fabric strip,
but once I scrunched it up a bit, I could stitch right down the center.  I marked all the strips with yellow chalk for a stitching line, then just went slowly so I could scoot the fabric on the right through the guide as I went, and still managed to crank through 6 garlands
in less time than it took me to do the first one.  I've attached white organza ribbon to each end, reinforced the stitching, and they are ready to be fluffed!  Which left me time today for
the stitching of the ribbon table runner!  The fabric pulled a bit, so I think I'm going to have to call this "finished" with the ribbon part because now that it's a bit skewed I won't be able to add more ribbon easily, but I could add single decorative stitch "ties" in a few places, maybe in a nice variegated fall rayon embroidery thread.  Or should I just move on to the edging and call it good?  Think it looks like "enough?"