Sunday, January 20, 2008

Day 20 - 9 1/3 yards and 13 skeins down!

OK, this really wasn't "taking an easy shot just for the yardage." This really was a project I wanted to get done this year:

It's a nice fleece throw for fall. And, if it makes it more of a project, between hemming it and doing the decorative edging, it took about 2 hours--some of which can be chalked up to user error, but even with the best sewing machine, decorative edging around an entire blanket takes a REALLY long time.

The pink cardigan is done except for the edging, which is a mind-numbing 9-stitch strip of garter stitch which will be sewn onto the sweater:

Thinking that I knew better than the designer, I did try knitting the border on, but she was right--that doesn't work. It only took me about 10 minutes to come to that conclusion, which is good for me. Usually it isn't until I'm halfway through the project that I discover that the instructions I decided were "stupid" really had a purpose and now I have to rip back because I am totally screwed. So, I consider yesterday a "Personal Growth" day--completely ignoring the fact that it is only owing to the fact that it was immediately obvious my version wouldn't work that I have chosen to believe the designer. We take what we can get.

I also tried a new method of doing decorative edging on fleece baby blankets with the serger:

Yup, a complete and total failure which took 2 hours of my life and required ripping out serger stitching TWICE. A very nice lady in a Yahoo group wrote out very clear instructions for this fun-filled excursion into fabric torture, and I am sure she is a kind and loving person, even if she is delusional.

The sewing room doesn't look even the tiniest bit less crowded, but I created a spreadsheet today to track stash depletion, and my progress looks GREAT on there. At this rate, I should be able to close the closet doors by May!