Saturday, November 12, 2011


I finished another towel last night, and am hoping to finish up a set of wash cloths today, so I'm now at 100 and closing in on 101..................but there are some stupid red tomatoes that will need my attention shortly.  Darn real life chores--they keep interfering with my crafting.

Thinking more about the "Twelve twelves" idea in 2012, my current list idea:

1.  12 sweaters and/or shawls
2.  12 finished sewn apparel items
3.  12 decorations
4.  12 Christmas ornaments
5.  12 hats
6.  12 bags
7.  12 pen sleeves
8.  12 washcloths
9.  12 embroidered towels
10. 12 placemats
11. 12 WIPS (any craft)
12. 12 gifts

Of course, with 6 weeks left in the year, this list might change as well, but I am already excited about knitting sweaters after two years of little items.  I think if I have a few fairly loose categories--gifts, wips, decorations, I won't feel too limited for the year.  And I think I could finish up the 12 pen sleeves in one day.  They're a bit of a pain, so it helps to have an incentive to make them, and I am such a Type A that being able to check something off a list is a huge incentive for me.  Of course, for maximum stash reduction, I don't get to overlap items, so a sweater WIP can count as either a sweater or a WIP, but not both.

Obviously, I should never think up new challenges while riding the emotional high of being close to finishing a previous insane challenge........