Saturday, July 26, 2008

Oh My Goodness! There Are More!!!!!!

So last night I was cleaning the sewing room--obviously not having yet learned that cleaning is never really a good thing--and I found yet another knitting bag, which was holding this:
Besides a giant yarn snarl, I found this:
an ABC sweater from Debbie Bliss's Nursery Knits that I started for a future niece or nephew who was ultimately miscarried and I put away because I didn't have the heart to work on it any longer. Enough time has passed--and the fact that I now have 8 healthy nieces and nephews plus 2 "honoraries"--to make this an acceptable project again.

I also found two green baby sweater pieces, and my first thought was "Wonderful! It's almost done!" Then I noticed:
Not parts of the same sweater. What possessed me to start & abandon 2 sweaters in the exact same yarn is anyone's guess. I just hope I wasn't making them for specific children, as the intended recipients would now be of school age & way too large for either of them.

So, since I'm keeping score now, that is 24 WIPS without casting on a darn thing. Has anyone else noticed I'm not making any progress here???