Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ta Da!!!!!

Yep, that's BARE FLOOR you're looking at there, folks.

You guessed it.  I have been cleaning--or taming--the sewing room.   See?
Er....well, you might have to take my word for it that the closet looks better than it did.  Not that this is the entire stash or anything.  If there is ever a day when my ENTIRE stash fits into this closet, there will probably just be a big picture of an open bottle of champagne on the blog.  BUT, the feltable yarn has now been able to fit into the closet, so all the cold sheeping is FINALLY making a difference.  Had I not been buying fabric steadily the entire time, you might even be able to see the difference.....

My sidekick did agree to hang out with me for most of the cleaning
though he's a bit peeved that there was no actual sewing.  He's probably just thankful it wasn't more knitting.