Saturday, October 27, 2012

Gearing Up For 2013

Last week, I had run to the fabric store to get a few items that I did actually need, and got sidelined by Christmas fabric being 50-60% off.  Needless to say, some followed me home:
I hesitate to say I need anything in the crafting world, but when I started on Christmas quilts a couple years ago, I did notice that my Christmas fabric stash was composed mostly of a large amount of small amounts.  So, I decided that it might be time to switch my approach and buy bigger amounts of one or two Christmas fabrics a year so I have better options.  This--plus a little extra--is done, and I will be diligently avoiding ANY crafting stores for the rest of the year. 

Which brings me to my next idea:  a year without spending any of my personal allowance on THINGS.  As we all know--I have a HUGE stash of both yarn and fabric, and sometimes I think my cold-sheeping of yarn has driven me to buy non-yarn things I don't need.  Extra buttons, extra stabilizer (though I go through tons of that, so that might not be a good example), books, extra threads--Am I substitute-stashing? 

When we got married, we set it up so Andy and I each get a personal allowance which we can spend in any way we want without any discussions.  Lots of times, we do discuss purchases but that's more of a sharing thing.  It's been my experience that men experience no guilt whatsoever about spending money on their hobbies, but women can feel guilty over even the smallest thing, so it just headed off a lot of problems for us.  And, of course, our buying ban experiments helped us re-think our spending habits in general, but I think the severe stress of the past year has sort of undone things for me, and I am stress-shopping again.  Not a lot, but just enough that I recognize it.  So--do I make 2013 a year of no spending as well?

This will take some planning, and one of the things I've been considering is this:
One of the major reasons I came up with the 365 ornaments in a year idea is because I adore this book.  I plan to knit straight through it.  However, the patterns call for fingering-weight yarn.  My fingering weight stash is composed of:

1.  acrylic yarn for baby sweaters that is mostly in "baby" colors
2.  sock yarn, which I bought to make socks and which I actually want to use to make socks
3.  yarn designated for sweaters

So, I'm thinking about ordering some Palette from Knitpicks.  I'd like the ornaments to be made out of wool, and I'd like some different colors--blues, reds, etc.  However, I put the yarn in my online basket about 3 weeks ago and keep revisiting it, double checking the colors, changing some, removing things.  I want to make sure this is not a "last hurrah" nor an impulse buy, and originally I thought I'd wait until the first of the year.  But after the stress of my father's health and now the returned problems with my back, I'm worried about my emotional state going through the holidays, so if I do the buying ban, I'll start by December 1 at the latest.  I've got a bit of time to think about it--and I think I'll do a spending ban of some length no matter what, but I'm thinking from the state of the craft room that I could REALLY benefit from the 12-month version............