Sunday, February 28, 2016

Not Much

So while I did manage to finally get a picture of the finished tunic,
and discovered that the neck opening is slightly crooked, there are no other finished projects yet.  My hip was finally feeling really good yesterday, so I cleaned the laundry room and we ran some errands.  I also took some time to regain more of my sewing table:
There's still a small pile of stuff to deal with at the very end, but I have a LOT more working room than I did, and tools are back where they belong.  Then, while it was cleaned off and kitty-free, I cut the fat quarters
into strips before I could change my mind and decide they weren't exactly what I wanted.  Do you ever do that?  I bought these for no purpose, I want to try bargello quilting, but I was in serious danger of putting them away and not using them because they might not be quite right.  I find myself doing that a lot.  The black and white dress I recently finished fell victim to that as well.  I bought that fabric several years ago SPECIFICALLY to make that pattern, and yet it took me years to cut it out because I kept thinking "maybe I should do something different with this..."  I really can analyze projects to death, which is why trying for 200 yards is really helping me.  It's just that little push I need to make the need to use the fabric strong enough to overcome the "analysis to paralysis" I can find myself in.  So,
with Theo's "help," I cut all the fat quarters into 2.5-inch strips, tried a few layouts, then started sewing before I could try any MORE layouts.
The space I'm trying to fill is 65-inches long, so I tend to make runners 60-inches long to fill it, which might use actually use up all the strips.  I'm at 45 inches so far.  Then I'll sew the top and bottom strips together to create a tube, and slice the tube into strips.

I also sorted through another shelf of fabric, finding 3 one-yard cuts that I'm assuming I meant for scarves:
 because as a knitter I of COURSE don't have an entire bin full of scarves.  I found an online tutorial for a kimono jacket made with one yard of silky fabric, so I'm thinking at least one of these needs to be made into a kimono.  After, of course, they're stiffened with the new magic liquid that got me through the dragon print.  After, of course, I finish up the other fabrics I've already stiffened.  At least I'm not going to have to worry about finding new projects for a while, right?  Although,
Nancy is still trying to lure me away into new projects and fabrics, but as long as she doesn't bring back free shipping, I'm safe.  I wish I could say that sorting through all my fabric was what was strengthening my willpower, but I think we all know that wouldn't really even slow me down on a weak day.  How else could I have accumulated THIS much fabric?

There has been some knitting,
and reknitting and knitting and reknitting.....  First, I dropped a stitch and had to tink back two rows to fix it.  THEN I noticed that I had made a mistake a bit further back, so I started tinking back even further.  THEN somehow I managed to get the end of needle caught on something and dropped 10 MORE stitches, which required even MORE tinking to fix.  So, an hour of knitting time, and I am almost back where I started.  I think the theory of "relaxing hobbies" is just a myth created to lure us in to the little black hole of what they REALLY turn out to be, don't you?