Monday, May 1, 2017

Me Made May!

I know I've tried this before, and this month is likely to be quite insane as the photographing is SET now for Wednesday afternoon and that means listing the house and all sorts of craziness, but for right now, I'm doing Me Made May. 

It's cold today, so it was a perfect day for this:

It's the first of the jackets I made from my now-favorite pattern, and I honestly wondered at times if I would ever finish it.  Sort of like the house preparations.  Speaking of which,
last night we repainted much of the hallway after the "touchups" with the unopened second can of paint didn't come very close to the original paint.  Today has been a cleaning frenzy, and tonight will either be cleaning or a bit more painting as I didn't go close enough to the carpet to "blend."  Seriously, after all this, we are SO ready to sell this house.