Monday, January 5, 2009

Tomorrow Is The Big Day!!!!!

At 1:00 tomorrow--or earlier if Theo can manage it--the cast comes off for good!!!!!

The last one has finally defeated Theo, though if you notice how long his leg lookshe has managed to slide it down his leg about an inch and a half now.

The horrible pink cherry-flavored antibiotics ended this morning, which is just as well as the bandaids ran out today too:We thought we were through a few days ago as the original prescription said to give the blasted things for 10 days. Last week I had to get a refill because of all the medication that had been splattered on the walls, carpet, clothing, sheets, and floor, and when I double-checked that bottle it said to give it for 14 days. When I called the clinic, they couldn't reach the vet so they said to go ahead with the 14 days. Easy for them to say. Theo has been a great sport about all of this, but he finally really started to struggle against this one. I don't blame him. The doses were more than three times anything I'd given him previously and I personally feel about the same way about cherry-flavored syrups, though I don't usually spit them all over the walls..

He was thrilled to recieve a get-well card of his very own:
and seems to be enjoying all the sympathy. Theo's devotion to me has increased so drastically through this that it's a bit overwhelming. I was always his favorite person, but now I am rarely allowed out of his sight. Do cats suffer from Stockholm Syndrome?

The pink blanket is progressing nicely:though the yarn skein had a bit of an issue:I admit, I don't work with acrylics that often and wouldn't call myself a yarn expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I hadn't ever seen a skein explode before. I think I have figured out how many rows I need to do each week to finish this in time for my neice's birthday, though if it keeps exploding, all bets are off.