Sunday, March 13, 2016

It's Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night I finished up the buttonholes on Andy's belated shirt,
and today added the buttons.  I've been hurting more this weekend, so I've been mostly on the heating pad, but with a little help from muscle relaxers today, I've been able to be up and about.  They're maybe not exactly great for one's sewing, since the first thing I did was to attach the pocket flap with the Velcro side UP
but things got a bit better as I went along and the pants are now done and the whole thing is in the washing machine as I write this.  The whole thing used up 4 yards from the stash, so I'm just under 36 yards of fabric for the year.  To get to 200 yards, I should be at 50 yards by the end of the month, so
I'm laying out one of the other fabrics treated with stiffener, and my helper and I
are cutting out another tunic--this time in a bit nicer fabric.  To be honest, I love this fabric, and I did debate whether a tunic was good enough for it, but I've now worn the dragon print tunic and really like it, so I think I'll like it even more in this fabric.  Calisto already loves it.  It will only add another 2 yards of fabric to the tally, but that's okay.  It will be more fabric out of stash.  This is the main thing.  Sooner or later, all this will add up to a visible maybe by November?