Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Almost 25

With the finished table runner,
I have now used up almost 25 yards of fabric from the stash so far this year.  Yay!  And,
I have started Andy's Valentine shirt finally!  Actually, because the fabric turned out to be 60-inches wide rather than 45, I cut out a tunic for me as well and still have just over a yard left.
I wish there were a Ravelry for sewing, but so far all the websites I've seen are clunky or not that great, so to try to control my fabric stash, I have a spreadsheet and have slowly been adding everything to index cards.  The cards are nice because I can pin them to the fabric (and glue a scrap of the fabric to the back), but the spreadsheet is much faster to search.  Since I started the spreadsheet before Ravelry, my early yarn stash is on there as well, and so it's not set up to get an accurate tally of how much fabric I have, but maybe that's just as well.  It might frighten me too much.

However,  I think sorting through the fabric stash a little bit at a time is probably good for me.  I find things like this,
which I like but didn't remember buying.  Doesn't it look like a fun spring fabric?

It was underneath 6 yards of pink and black suiting, which I do actually remember, and which has been in danger of fading in the sunlight.
In the same shelf, I found 4 yards of some sort of blend,
 almost 6 yards of a wonderful hunter green twill suiting,
 3.5 yards of a border print,
6 yards of a plush/fine-wale corduroy,
which is REALLY fabulous and which I can't believe I forgot.  Since I might not get to any of them by the end of the year,
I put them in plastic bags to protect them from dust and light, and returned them to the shelf.  The good news is, that shelf contains 30.5 yards of fabric--so I will have almost emptied out one shelf of fabric so far this year.  At this rate, I could empty 5 or 6 shelves this year (you know, if all the fabric were actually in shelves, of course).  THAT would be a very, VERY visible dent.  My sewing room might not even frighten my friends by the end of the year!!!!!!!!  Or at least not if I give them a glass of wine first.......

In other exciting sewing news, I found the sleeves:
of a microsuede shirt I started and destroyed using decorative stitching.  I found the extra fabric and have enough of it to make a new front and back, but without the sleeves, I haven't bothered yet.  HOWEVER, this is part of a full pant set, so there could be some very fast and easy yardage in finishing this.  And another outfit ready for Me Made Mondays!

Hey--thinking REALY optimistically--maybe if I get 100-200 yards of fabric used up this year, I would quit LOSING things  in the sewing room!!  One can always dream...............