Wednesday, February 15, 2012

And The New Basket Dash Begins

It's February 15, which kicks off Spring Stashdash 2012.  This time, we are filling a basket with:

  • 1 finished item from yarn that makes you think of spring
  • 1 finished gift
  • 1 finished gift for yourself
  • 1 item in your queue (if you have one)
  • 1 item from a pattern you already own
  • 1 item from yarn (or fabric, beads, etc. if you’re including other hobbies) that you have owned for more than one year
The "dash" ends on May 31.  Since I did such a spectacularly poor job of EMPTYING my Valentine's basket, I thought I'd be safer with a filling the basket dash.  I can hardly do worse.  The categories are very broad, so I'm hoping to keep myself motivated by being able to pick projects as I choose.  If I get the current blue sweater done, it can be the finished gift for myself.  The yarn is from November's self-pity yarn binge, so it certainly wouldn't qualify for the yarn owned longer than a year item, nor does it make me think of spring in any way.  I'm not planning to have items fit more than one category, though that might change by May 20.......