Sunday, April 6, 2008

Let's Examine the Works In Progress

Gleefully casting on a new project every month is WAY more fun, but thanks to a powerful decongestant, it is the WIP Month. I have given myself a few days to recover from the shock of the sheer volume of unfinished projects, and am ready to dive in.

First though, Cheap Thrills is finished, blocked, and

furred. Honestly--I set it down for 30 seconds TOPS. I think the cats have some sort of radar for detecting clean, furless clothes. For those 30 seconds, though, it was a really stunning sweater.

Deep breath, and time to check projects.

This is a lace scarf that I started sometime last year. I love the yarn, love how it is turning out, but it's one of those lace projects where you always have to consult the chart, and I'm not always in the mood for "attentive" knitting. Still, I love it, it's more than halfway done, so I keep it, though I'm calling it a "B" priority for this month as it's for me & I can wait for a while. For some things.

Look at this!

A baby sweater in need of neck ribbing & a set of snaps. That is it!!! Let's see, instant gratification & the ability to be a little smug about finishing a WIP....SOLD!!! Definitely an "A" priority for this month.

This is a sweater pattern I don't actually like, made with an acrylic yarn that I don't like either. To the trash it goes!!!!!


is a shawl I was making out of a sparkly acrylic/mohair blend that I didn't think would look good with a lacy pattern, and it's really not too far from being finished, but....I don't like it. For a while I kept trying to convince myself to finish it just so I could count it as a finished project, but I like the yarn--it has definite possibilities, and I want to do something better with it. So.....

To the frog pond we go!!!!

This is an interesting project:
It's a mohair sweater I started in December. Elann had a mohair full bag sale a couple years ago, and it sold out within minutes. I managed to score a bag of black & one of white, but as we were in the middle of the moving/wedding/house buying year, I had to set it aside & didn't even look at it. Now that I've started working with it, I am willing to grant that there is some mohair in there, but frankly it looks like someone shaved a poodle & spun THAT into yarn. I like the pattern, though, and I think I would actually wear it (though perhaps not around a lovesick poodle who might get ideas) so it stays, but definitely as a "B."

My VLT Lacy's Circular Cape:

I am actually working on this one pretty regularly, though it's a long way from being done. Still, it gets pretty regular attention.

This is for one of my nephews, who as the third child is getting to wear a lot of hand-me-down sweaters from Aunt Toni. So he needs one of his very own.

Having gotten a little wiser with each succeeding niece or nephew, he is not yet a year old and the sweater is sized for a 5 year old. I don't like pressure. I just need one more sleeve and a few seams, and I'll have another Finished Object! "A"

And wonder of wonders! A half-finished EZ Baby Surprise Jacket!
Fast, easy to finish--definitely an "A."

And the birthday poncho, which I really am working on regularly, but is impossible to photograph. Already 2 months overdue as a birthday gift--definitely an "A."
(Anyone else beginning to think that there are a few more A projects than I can get done in a month.......?????????)

One of the cutest baby sweaters I have ever worked on, in Novita Bambino, which is the only project that I have ever set aside because I just didn't want to be done with it. I don't know what it is about this sweater--just the perfect pattern/yarn combination I guess. I have just some ribbing & the second half of the little pant-thing to finish, but not for this month. "B"

This is actually the project I planned to finish this month,

which of course lowers it's chances to practically nothing for actually getting finished. The back is done, and the front is more than half done. The poor thing got set aside for one of the dumbest reasons of all time--it's on my only set of ebony needles & I was afraid of breaking them if I carried the project around with me. I actually have a set of knitting needles I'm not using because I'm afraid I'll break them. Wow, was THAT money well spent.....

I started this last year & love the yarn and I think it will be cute, but the pattern is flawed, so I'm getting to redesign it as I go, and I got a little frustrated with having to go to all that work to correct someone else's pattern. Still, it isn't the sweater's fault. Keep, but a "B."

This is the beginnings of a chemo cap

that I thought would be a nice yearly tradition--donate one chemo cap a year. Obviously it didn't start with 2007...maybe 2008? It's a really stretchy yarn, and I'm struggling to keep any sort of normal gauge with it, but maybe it can be an anonymous donation....

A lovely cardigan made out of a cashmere blend.

I love this project, but got sidetracked by some other projects. Keep, but a "B."

My Fruity Pebbles socks:

Sock One progressing nicely, and I'm ready for something interesting on the leg. I'm thinking a lacy, open pattern so it's noticable with all the color.

The back to a baby sweater that is quite overdue, though I think the baby is a year old and the sweater is for a size 2, so theoretically I have a year.

We'll be visiting the rest of the WIP stash tomorrow--I seem to have exhausted Blogger. I think I need some quality knitting time.