Saturday, August 16, 2014


Was anyone else relieved to find out that everyone else is pretty well addicted to Pinterest or getting over an addiction to Pinterest?  I know I was.  :)

We've been on vacation this week to Victoria, British Columbia.  Besides being one of the most beautiful cities one could ever visit, their August weather heat wave almost hit 80 degrees, so we thought it a fantastic place to go to escape the heat.  The trip was to celebrate Andy's 50th birthday, so we really wanted to do something special, and the best thing for my back would be short flights and lots and lots of walking, so Victoria fit perfectly.  We found a family-owned motel right on the water,
which was sort of our back up plan because we both assumed that I would need to rest my hip/back....and eventually I did, but aside from the pain from the completely uncomfortable seats on Horizon Air, I didn't really hurt until the last night, and we walked EVERYWHERE.  Our hotel was a mile from downtown, and we literally left the hotel in the morning, walked all day, and usually didn't get back until dark. Really, it was impossible to do anything else because we could either walk downtown through beautiful historic houses, or--with just a little more effort--get there through Beacon Hill Park:
How could one NOT want to walk in such a place?   Of course, bicycling is popular too, but I can't do that yet. 

We did stop at TWO yarn stores to browse, but I stayed strong and didn't buy yarn!  The quilt shop, however, got me:
though I feel less guilty about buying patterns than the little fabric samples.  The pattern on the left shows a quilt with a kimono, but what I bought it for was the pattern to make kimono Christmas ornaments (hence the little packet of oriental fabrics).  They had examples hanging in the store, and they were just ADORABLE.  They also had an example of the tree wall hanging in the center, and we both found it stunning.  I'm sure I am also going to find it really, really, REALLY challenging, but I think it will be a great project to make over and over to learn from.  The kit in the far right is a pattern for fall leaf runners or wreaths, and did come with fabric, but as I already have quite a bit of fall fabric, I can make several of these without any other fabric.  The tree wall hanging will require some shopping, so that will have to wait.  Obviously, I'm not doing to well on my resolve to not buy crafting things for a second year, but at least I won't be shopping for a while now.......