Thursday, January 17, 2013

Crafting Vacation - End of Day 4

Today was a sore-back day, so my goal to sew every day might fall apart today, but there HAS been knitting.  There are even pictures of the knitting.  Now if only I could remember where I put the camera, I would be showing them to you.....

It's hard to say who is enjoying the cold less--myself or the cats.  Usually, they like to go out in the backyard for a bit first thing every morning.  When Andy is home, Theo believes this should be at 5:00 AM.  However, since Andy's been gone, Theo has decided sleeping in is a fine and dandy program and FAR superior to going outside with single-digit temperatures.  We're pretty unanimous in this feeling, actually.  For the first couple mornings, Theo at least wanted the option to go out when I went downstairs to make coffee, but I think he's decided that the open doors make things just too chilly, so now he doesn't even ask for the option.  Even though he's now 6, this is the first real winter he's seen with snow on the ground for weeks at a time.  Generally if we get snow it melts off by afternoon or in a day or two at the latest.  He's never had to really walk IN snow, and while I have explained quite nicely that a cat with THAT much fur is probably actually MEANT to be in snow, he thinks it's a completely ridiculous idea and one try was enough:
Photo: Theo, our cat, wanted to go out in the worst way this morning. Once we finally let him out, he very quickly changed his mind.
Fair enough--you don't see my tracks or Andy's out there either, do you?