Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Little Obsessed?

To get my new sewing desks back from campaign work,

I am cleaning up the back bedroom to make is into my office.  I'd show you pictures, but it's even worse than the sewing room and I'm just not quite ready to share THAT in public.  We've been in the house almost 6 years now, and at first it was just the room with boxes that weren't unpacked, then when Andy put shelves in the sewing room closet, it was where we stored everything and almost everything made it back into the sewing room.......but maybe not all.  Then I've cured the garlic in there a few times, and there might be a few boxes from the wedding still.....

Ahem.  So, we're slowly moving the wire shelving that was in the sewing room back into that room for temporary storage, and as I get things sorted--put away or given away--I'm hoping to free up enough space for Andy to build another temporary desk for my campaign consulting in there. I'll never really enjoy cleaning, but there is some motivation to get my sewing room back.......and I did handle it better than Theo.
He just doesn't handle cleaning at all. 

I was very pleased to find some crafting stuff that I knew I owned but hadn't seen since the closet move, and was delighted to find this:
This is NOT the stamped cross-stitch pillowcase that was in a project-of-the-month bag a couple years ago.  Nope, this is the FIRST one, which has been finished but missing for at least FOUR years.  Now if I can locate the SECOND one, I finally have a flippin' matched set.  Can you believe that actually doing the cross stitch was the FAST part of this ordeal? 

So, you can imagine my amusement when I found it was not alone:
 It has friends!  And one of them even has thread:
which is good, as I was definitely in the need of a slower hobby than knitting.....

Speaking of which,
the baby sweater--which my new photo editor insists must be sideways--has two sleeves ready and waiting to be joined to the body for raglan shaping.  So far I think knitting the body in one piece is going well.  The button holes of the first one are a bit wonky, so I've remeasured and put markers on the first sweater for the locations I would have liked the button holes to be, and will be using that to hopefully do a bit better with this one.  I do have ONE meeting for work tomorrow AND a speech to write before noon on Saturday, but in-between all of that, there could be some serious knitting.  A third sweater done by April 30?????